Keeping your yard in the best shape possible requires tender love and care. It also requires the best gardening materials to ensure that you can achieve the growth and look that you have been aiming for. More often than not, that means making use of top soil bags.

Before you get started, it helps to know as much about top soil as possible. There are also some myths involved with topsoil that can dispel you from having the right materials for the job. Here are the 4 most common myths surrounding topsoil.

1. Myth 1: The Dirt in Your Yard is Fine

For those who really don’t know much about topsoil, it can feel like there is perfectly good dirt right there within the yard. But the simple fact of the matter is that not all dirt is created the same and what is in your yard may not be equipped to do the job.

The quality of soil surrounding a home is generally not the best when it comes to growing healthy plants. It takes a good deal of time to build up the high-quality soil needed to grow better quality plants. That is where topsoil is great. It provides great drainage, holding just enough water for the plant while also making it easy to dig and move.

2. Myth 2: Top Soil is All the Same

When you aren’t quite sure what you are looking at, it can feel like top soil bags are all the same. But the simple fact of the matter is that topsoil can be drastically different from one bag to the next. It can differ even from one garden to another all within the same yard.

The earth in your yard is made up of silt, sand, and clay, though the amount varies. Having the right ratio of the 3 is the best way to ensure that there is enough moisture within to allow for healthy roots. Top soil can control drainage while also regulating pH since some plants require different acidity levels than others.

3. Myth 3: Rich Soil Never Needs Fertilizer

It is no secret that plants get the nutrients that they require from the soil in which they grow. But every so often, the nutrients within the soil have to be replenished to provide the healthiest growth possible. This is true no matter what kind of soil is in play.

For annual flowers and vegetables in particular, those nutrients can be sucked up quicker. But topsoil can be the answer to those questions, providing the right amount of nutrients each and every time. It just means finding the right top soil to work with the plants in question to find the best growth possible.

4. Myth 4: To Have Good Top Soil, Till Annually

If you are in the process of making a new garden space, tilling is fine to make soil amendments so that you get everything started the right way. But from then on, it is best to not disturb the soil whenever you can avoid doing so.

Turning soil can actually be beneficial for allowing weeds to sprout. That means creating more work for yourself along the way. The only reason to till would be if the soil has become too compacted but that can be avoided by not walking on it, especially when it is wet. Otherwise, you are just doing more work than is necessary and creating a better scenario in which weeds are able to grow and thrive.

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