Mobile devices are one of the most used gadgets in the world currently and the trend is rising steadily. The introduction of smartphones in the global market has changed the entire flow of the gadgets in the markets and gradually mobile phones became the dominant platform.

The year 2013 saw the overtaking of mobile phones over PC in terms of sales. The statistics are in favor of mobile phones and around 53 percent of the web traffic came from mobile phones in 2019.

It is a fast-growing market and the developers are interested and eager to exploit the hidden corners of the industry. The mobile phone market is showing tremendous potential in the current market scenario and mobile application development has become one of the latest trends.

Here are some of the major reasons why the developers are focusing on mobile application development than traditional web development services.


●      Developers Making More Money

The mobile platform is a more dynamic platform to work in. The salary of the professionals such as developers matters a lot in the industry. Web developers are abundant in availability as compared to mobile developers.

It is harder to convince the low budget clients the fact that good web developers deserve good value for their work. This is because there are various DIY tools available in the market such as WordPress, Squarespace, and others which apply for the small scale website development services.

That is not the case for mobile technologies. Abundant mobile application development services are not available in the market and as a reason, the mobile developers are paid a hefty amount for their work. Here is where the difference between the web and mobile app development companies differ in salaries.

●      Higher Demand

Mobile developers are in higher demand these days and there is a solid reason for that. Mobile developers are not available in abundance in the market.

In simple words, there is a shortage of mobile developers in the industry and that is the reason for the higher demand. Mobile application development is at an all-time high now.

The companies have taken resort to mobile websites and this is one of the fundamental reasons mobile developers are in high demand these days.

This shortage of mobile developers has created higher demand. The businesses have started hiring mobile developers from the web and mobile development companies and are willing to pay a hefty amount to them for their work.

●      People Moving To Mobile Devices

As per estimates, around 73 percent of internet users will access the internet from their smartphones and mobile devices by the year 2025, which is equivalent to 3.8 billion people of the population.

People have taken to accessing mobile apps and web pages from their mobile phones and tablets and the main reason is the ease of access.

Companies who have tailored their apps and websites from mobile phones have successfully managed to earn a fortune from them. Already USD 102 billion was spent alone in the year 2018.

China accounted for at least 40 percent of the expenditure. The main revenue comes from mobile games, productivity apps, and social media apps. Therefore people and enterprises are moving to mobile devices and mobile platforms for such advantages.

●      Mobile Apps Vs Web Apps

There are certain features in mobile apps compared to web apps which makes it a more advantageous platform. Mobile apps offer a range of services starting from personalized facilities to productivity apps.

Earlier people used to rely on web apps for their tasks. Now mobile application development rolls outs apps that can serve the purposes.

  • Mobile apps have the following personalized features which strengthen its position compared to the web apps:
  • GPS for current location tracking.
  • Contacts syncing with the cloud.
  • Scheduling appointments automatically.
  • Speed and direction features.

Web apps lack the features which the mobile apps have and the recent changes in the web and mobile app development companies have made integration possible in both the platforms.

Both the web apps and mobile apps are useful in some of the other ways and it is essential to develop both the platforms equally. Mobile application development is indeed at an all-time high now, but the traditional website application development is still in the market.

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