This Is the Importance of Product Packaging


Did you just create a stellar new product that you’re excited to get out on the market?

Before you release your product, there’s one big thing you need to think about- product packaging. Without the right packaging, your product simply won’t sell as well as you’d hoped. 

But why is product packaging so important? How do you create a great package?

Check out this guide to discover the importance of product packaging. 

1. Product Packaging Affects Purchasing Decisions 

One of the biggest reasons you need to focus on product packaging is because it affects purchasing decisions. There’s a saying in the culinary world that goes “people eat with their eyes.” This is why chefs spend so much time focusing on the presentation in restaurants. 

The same sentiment can be applied to product packaging. Not only do people eat with their eyes, but they also purchase with their eyes. In fact, 72% of Americans say that the design of a product’s packaging influences their purchasing decision. Another 67% of Americans say that the product’s packaging material influences their purchasing decision. 

When it comes to a package’s design, the biggest element you need to take into consideration is the color, as this is what stands out the most quickly. When choosing a color (or colors) for your product packaging, you first need to consider your brand. 

There’s no point in creating packaging for your product that’s loud and colorful if it doesn’t reflect your brand. For example, if your brand is sleek and minimalistic, you may want to stick to neutral colors like black, white, and grey. If your brand is playful and fun, then you might want to go for some bolder colors. 

Also, take a look at the colors that are in your logo. You’re going to be putting your logo on your package, so you don’t want it to look mismatched against the packaging colors. Create some mockups with different colors to see which colors look best against your logo. 

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2. It Sets You Apart from the Competition 

Another reason product packaging is so important is because it sets you apart from the competition. Think about it- if someone was grocery shopping for tomato soup and each can on the shelf had the exact same packaging, do you think they’d bother to figure out which soup belonged to which brand?

Probably not. They’d just look for the first can that said “tomato soup” and place it in their cart. This is why product packaging is so important. By creating a unique package, you can differentiate your product from the other ones on the shelf. 

This is especially important for new companies, as they need to be doing everything they can to set themselves apart from the competition. 

3. It Serves as a Marketing Tool 

As a business owner, you always need to be looking for new ways to market your product. Turns out, your packaging can serve as a great marketing tool for the product within it. 

This is especially the case for food products, which display the ingredients and nutritional information on the product packaging. If you’re selling a non-food product, there are plenty of other ways you can use the packaging to create a mini advertisement for your product. For example, if you sell cleaning supplies, your product packaging could say “100 percent toxin-free.” Or, if you sell makeup products, your packaging could say “non-comedogenic.” 

To figure out ways to use your product packaging as a marketing tool, think about what people look for when purchasing your specific product. For example, if it’s a food item, are they looking for something healthy? Or, maybe they’re looking for something that can be ready in under five minutes?

Whatever it is, make sure you list these benefits on the product packaging to entice more buyers. 

4. Product Packaging Creates Brand Recognition and Builds Trust 

Close your eyes and think of a big company like McDonald’s or Nike. Can you picture their product packaging in your head? 

Of course you can! This is because these companies have spent years and years building a brand and a product that people around the world love and trust. 

While companies do make small alterations to their brand and product packaging over the years, for the most part, they stay true to their original look. When your product packaging stays consistent, people will start viewing you as a consistent brand. 

And, even if someone doesn’t buy your product right away, they’ll start to recognize it after a while. This will help to build trust, and eventually, it may lead them to buy your product. 

5. Product Packaging Reflects the Values of Your Brand 

Product packaging can also help you reflect your brand’s values. For example, let’s say your brand is all about sustainability and bettering the environment. 

To reflect these values in your packaging, you could use packaging materials that are recyclable or made from recycled materials. 

6. Protects the Product 

Last but not least, let’s not forget the most functional purpose of product packaging- it protects your product! While it can be easy to get swept up in the look and design of your product packaging, you don’t want to forget about its durability and functionality. 

The last thing you want is to create a pretty package that doesn’t protect your product. 

Product Packaging: Are You Ready to Create an Awesome Package? 

Now that you’ve read this guide on product packaging, it’s time for you to start creating. The right product packaging can really help build your brand and sell your product, so it deserves a lot of thought. 

Be sure to check back in with our blog for more product packaging news and tips. 


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