When a close friend of yours is expecting a child, you would want nothing but the best for the unborn child as well. You would want to support the needs that will help them become better parents.

When gifting a pregnant friend, the best choices are something healthy, or they can use for the baby when born. However, we can expect that some of her friends and his husband will think of the same way.

As a mother, she will accept all the gifts that is meant for her child, but that should include gifts that she can use to recover for taking care of the baby for 9 months in her belly.

That is why we have listed here the 4 unique gifts recommendation to buy to your pregnant friend that she can use for recovery.

1. Health and Fitness Equipment/Fitness Tracker

Every mom’s goal after giving a birth is to get in shape, not because they are concern about the physical appearance, but because most pregnant ladies slacked off during the 9 month period. It is the best time that she gains more healthy muscles and cells through basic to moderate exercise.

In that way, you could gift your friend who have gone through labor a health and fitness equipment or tracker such as vibration plate, blood pressure monitor, cross trainer, exercise bikes, etc.

You have nothing to worry because health and fitness equipment is available for online purchases with hassle-free delivery, so you do not have to carry them over.

2. Rotary Washing Line

When having a new born child, both parents are expecting a whole set of clothes for their baby. And we know that we change the baby’s clothing several times a day, unlike an adult who can go with the same clothes in a day. With that, the mom must have a new set of clothes airer to wash them dry.

The rotary washing line, which can be found at Washingwoman.co.uk, is the best suited gift to relieve her stress from this responsibility. The good news is that it is easy to install either on a concrete or in the yard.

3. Fitness Books For Mom After Labor

During the early stage, your pregnant friend must have bought several parenting books to prepare themselves from the new life they will have.  We have several fitness books instruction manual for mom after labor. This is intended to help them not overdo themselves, and give the proper exercise the body needs.

That being said, as a friend, you will encourage her not just to get fit through exercise, but also give expert advice on how to properly do it.

4. Side Sleeper Armrest Pillow

For the past 9 months, your pregnant friend must have endured uncomfortable sleeping position. That is why you should gift her with the armrest pillow for fast recovery too. This will help her sleep more soundly after exerting all her energies from all mom duties.

Final Take:

It is expected that all the basic necessities such as vitamins, cookware, living room set will be provided by her husband as a gift for protecting they child during pregnancy. As a friend, you will take care of her by providing what she needs to recover. It doesn’t have to be fancy, because your friendship is the greatest gift of all.

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