Top 5 Trending Kitchen Project Ideas


Home sales during 2020 were higher than at any level since 2006. In fact, 22% stronger sales than in 2019, at 5.64 million units! If there was enough inventory, the sales may have met the 8 million mark.

What does this mean for kitchen remodels? During 2021 and 2022 remodels will increase, including your own kitchen project.

Keep reading to find out the top five things to do to your kitchen this year!

1. Remodel Your Kitchen Cabinets

Remodeling kitchen cabinets will arguably be the most visible addition to your kitchen project. You don’t have to start from scratch, although doing so can be a huge benefit to your kitchen.

A fresh coat of paint, or removing paint and letting natural wood free could be just what the doctor — er, carpenter — ordered.

2. New Countertops

Countertops are the second most visible change you can make. Granite or stone is a tried-and-true choice, popular with everyone. If you’re looking to go extra industrial or rugged and your cabinets are done, you could try matching it with something like concrete.

3. Hard Flooring Options in the Kitchen

Hardwood floors in the kitchen are the best choice when compared to vinyl tiles or carpets. Stick-on vinyl tiles could lose their adhesive stick with spilled spaghetti and boiling water, over time.

Besides, carpets are more than 4,000 times dirtier than toilets. You don’t want to add to that with food particles, mold, and other nasties that your kitchen can create.

The lesson? Don’t use carpets in kitchens.

If hardwood isn’t your thing, go with tile. You can also use non-adhesive vinyl flooring and engineered hardwood. 

4. Peninsulas or Islands?

Peninsulas are very good work areas, but they can cut kitchens off from the rest of the house. If you want tons of counter space for working and don’t want to cut the kitchen off, islands are a great addition to any kitchen.

If you don’t think you need an island all the time or just don’t like them, there are plenty of mobile-island options. Similar to a waiter or chef putting the last touches on a dessert or dish table-side, you can use the mobile island for serving, keeping the dining table clear.

However, you can hide dishwashers, trash, and plumbing in an island, too. It can create a central spot for family and friends to gather, especially while preparing food.

5. Upgrading to Smart Appliances (IoT)

Speaking of appliances like dishwashers, a great addition to your kitchen project could be an upgrade to the “internet of things” or IoT. Coffee machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, stovetops, ovens, and even your lighting are getting smart.

Home automation like in The Jetsons is getting pretty close. While there are some security issues that are getting worked out (like smart trash cans that scan everything that goes in) most appliances are ready to go.

From your office, pull up your kitchen in an app to turn off the coffee machine you forgot running. Or you can preheat the oven while you’re on your way home.

Ideas for Your Next Kitchen Project

Did you get some ideas for your next kitchen project? Considering it equals 10% of the value of your home, it’s a great place to start your post-pandemic home renovations. Next stop on your work-from-home routine: the home office.

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