You must have heard of this adage, “When life offers you lemons, prepare lemonade.” Instead, we insist you prepare CBD-infused lemon chicken out of it. So delicious, right! Foods and Cannabis are intertwined with each other, and therefore, the demand for CBD cooking has observed a significant surge.

Nowadays, everyone is highly acquainted with CBD-infused popular recipes, including brownies, gummies, cookies, etc. More importantly, these recipes will never get you high! We have summed up the top 6 lip-smacking CBD recipes for this article, which will satiate your taste bud.

1.    CBD Infused Lemon Haze Guacamole

Are you willing to prepare a healthy snack to alleviate the stress of hectic work? Why don’t you try this exquisite lemon haze guacamole? It is a savory dish for those who love to take a small dose of CBD daily to gain its goodness. You should add chopped mangoes for a salty and sweet twist and serve this item with freshly cut sauté veggies or baked chips.

2.    CBD Peppermint Choco Cups

When you like healthy and tasty dessert after a diet meal, put your hands on making chocolate cups. Those cups can get their green hue from matcha powder or spinach without artificial colors. For your sweet craving, make a bunch of choco cups, and keep it in the freezer so that you can take out and eat it anytime you want!

Chocolate cups and other baked goods can also be turned into edibles. Edibles are great if you don’t like smoking but still want to enjoy the fun of cannabis. If you’ve ever wondered how to get high without smoking, edibles are the answer for you. Just about anything can be turned into an edible. All you need to do is throw a bit of good weed into your chocolate cup recipe or whatever it is that you’re cooking! The high from edibles does take a bit longer to hit, so be careful, because once it hits, it’s usually pretty strong.

3.    CBD Oil Salad Dressing

Don’t you know how to do fruit-flavored dressings? Have a gluten-free bite on your next salad you prepare with this delish strawberry and CBD-enriched salad dressing. You must not worry as you can leave the strawberry and garnish it with some condiments or mustard.

4.    CBD Hemp Honey And Matcha Latte

For this particular recipe, CBD-enriched honey is used. It’s alright if you don’t have CBD-infused one; instead, you can blend honey and the required CBD oil dose to make it. Now, you can prepare this exotic tea any time after amalgamating all those ingredients in a mixer blender.

5.    CBD Oil Gummies For Adequate Sleep

The staple ingredient for this gummy recipe is tart cherry juice. Now, you must be wondering how this tart one can assist you in sleeping well! This tart cherry contains adequate melatonin, the ideal hormone for sleep regulation. As all set, you need to use silicone molds to take those gummies out once they are ready.

6.    Chamomile And Berries CBD Cashew Cream

Love blending? If yes, this recipe will be highly soothing! This hassle-free cashew cream is prepared by churning cashews and chamomile tea to create a foamy structure. Get it chilled by keeping it inside the refrigerator. Once sufficiently cooled, maple syrup and CBD oil are added to the cream as a final touch. Now serve this sumptuous cream over your favorite fruit.

Due to the surge in CBD products in the market, do your research well before buying anyone. You can purchase super lemon haze, which contains 21.4% CBD, and make any of those aforementioned recipes without any hassles.

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