Business degrees are quite versatile and they enable you to acquire transferable skills. To work in a business environment, you need to be fast on your feet and be flexible.

Before you take any course in college, you need to find out where you’re likely to end up in the job market. You also need to find out the skill-sets companies are looking for so you can work towards being the ideal candidate for the job.

When you take a business course, you get the opportunity to get acquainted with finance, accounting and management. With an entrepreneurial spirit, there is no limit to how far you can go once you have the skills required under your belt.

Whether you want to start your own business or work as an employee, you should take your studies very seriously. Roles might vary but inherently, you use the same knowledge to keeps this running.

While you’re in college, make sure you take your business papers seriously. After all, your academic performance is a reflection of how diligent you’ll be in the workplace.

Here are the top 6 jobs for business graduates in 2020.

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1.     Accounting and Finance

Business courses usually cover aspects of finance and accounting. As a business graduate, you can easily secure an entry level job in accounting and finance.

However, if you wish to specialize, you’ll need to further your education. By gaining further qualifications in accounting and finance, you can scale to greater heights.

If you’re interested in accounting, apply for a graduate role and then you can work on specializing your qualifications as years go by. For the most working environment, your employee is likely to cover the course costs.

Your job description will include reviewing the company’s finances by comparing books form the past and the present. You can also advise clients on the best course of action based on their financial status.

2.     Business Management

Business management comes with a lot of responsibilities and you’ll likely work long hours. You should only go for this job if you’re passionate about management. Otherwise, the pressure might be too overwhelming for you.

Employees will look up to you for the way forward so you need to be flexible and adaptable. Managerial roles pay very well judging from the responsibilities they come with. Another upside is that such positions open many doors that allow you to advance your career.

You can work in whichever industry as long as you’re good at what you do. When you achieve significant career progression, you get to a point where you can negotiate for your pay.

3.     Consultancy

Would you like to be a business consultant? If so, then you should consider pursuing a business course. This is an appealing option because you get to help clients bring their ideas to life.

This is an experience-dependent career path, so make sure that you use every opportunity you get to gain exposure. While you’re still in college, use the summer breaks to get internships with big consultancy firms. This way, you have experience by the time you’re graduating.

To be an effective business consultant, you need to learn how to be a team player. You’ll need to join heads with individuals who have different skill-sets to arrive at the right decision. Consultancy is all about merging analytical skills and business expertise in order to provide the best advice.

4.     Retail and Sales

There is so much more to retail and sales than meets the eye. There are experts behind closed doors that ensure brick and mortar stores run smoothly. If running a retail store were so easy, then so many of them would not be closing down.

When you’re armed with a business degree, you’re a valuable asset to retail store owners. The beauty of choosing this career path is that there are so many job openings. Business people within sales and retail are always on the lookout for expert services you can offer.

You can choose to go for office-based or shop-based roles depending on where your talent lies. If you are well conversant with the global market, them, you can apply for positions overseas. This allows you to travel and see the world as you work.

5.     Media

This is a less typical career path for business graduates. If you’re a creative person, this is an ideal option because the media industry is quite widespread.

Even though you will not be directly involved in creative roles, being in such an environment will nourish your soul.

6.     Marketing and Advertising

Job opportunities in marketing and advertising are numerous. Countless business people will require your services.

You need to understand that the job market here is quite competitive, and you have to work towards standing out.


Pursuing a business course opens you up to many high-paying jobs. Since there are so many options to choose from, you can easily switch careers when you get bored.

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