Are you currently looking to buy a house? Are you unsure which type of home you would like to have? Well, for most Americans, two common homes that are considered are townhouses and apartments. 

If you are ready to look for a new home, you will need to look for townhouses and apartments. There are several things you should know when comparing a townhouse vs apartment. You can check out our guide here to learn more.

Townhouse vs Apartment: A Comparative Guide

You might be asking, “Which is right for me? A townhouse or an apartment?” This is a great question that will be answered by this comparative guide.

Location and Size

A townhouse, as the name implies, is often found in towns or residential areas of the city. A townhouse is usually connected to other townhouses within a community. Some townhouses may be freestanding, but these are more expensive to live in. Some townhouses have a terrace where all tenants can congregate. While some townhouses have their own small private yard or patio area. 

On the other hand, apartments are usually part of large buildings. Within a building, there may be various apartments. Usually, apartments are enclosed; however, some may have a small balcony. 

Apartments are usually single-storied units. Bedrooms within an apartment may range from one room to multiple rooms (usually not more than three rooms). Apartments are meant for only one family. Townhouses can be single or double level homes. Depending on the size of the townhouse, more people can live in a townhouse. 

It should be noted that apartments and townhouses can either be rented or owned.

Lifestyle and Upkeep 

After determining the location and size of your next home, consider the type of lifestyle that you would like to have. Also, consider the amount of upkeep you want to have. 

If you decide to move into an apartment, you will have neighbors. The neighbors will be closer than you think as you will share walls with your neighbors. More than likely, you will hear a lot of noises if your neighbors are loud. Townhouses may have more privacy as some are freestanding. 

Not all apartments offer amenities. Some may have a swimming pool in the building and that’s about it. Townhouses that are part of a large development usually have a wealth of amenities. Amenities may include a swimming pool, fitness center, and even a community center. 

It is very important to consider the amount of money that you may have to invest in your new home. An apartment may not require a lot of upkeep, especially if it is in an apartment building.

On the other hand, a townhouse may require a lot of upkeep, especially if there is a yard or a driveway. Exterior areas within your property will require a lot of upkeep, so consider maintenance for townhouses

Pros and Cons

Townhouse vs apartment is what you have to consider if you are looking for a new home. Think about the pros and cons associated with townhouses and apartments.

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