What Can You Do About a Rat-Infested House?


Rats are medium-sized rodents that originated from Australia and Asia but are now found all over the world. That’s why you might find them infesting your home.

You might be shocked to see a rodent in your home and where there is one, there is often a pack. So, what can you do about a rat-infested house? Read on to find out.

Inspect the Home

A rat-infested house needs to get inspected fully so that the homeowner can find out where they are coming from.

This is not only an inside job, you’ll want to thoroughly check the outside of the home as well. If there are any damaged drains, gaps in the vents, or cracks in the garage door, pay close attention to them.

When inspecting the inside of the home, check appliance lines, drains, vents, and other access points. When you find these points, you can set traps and seal them.

Seal the Gaps

Contrary to popular belief, a rat infestation can occur from a small entry point into the home. In fact, these rodents can squeeze themselves into a hole that you can only stick two fingers in.

For this reason, you’ll need to seal even the smallest gaps that you find. To make the seals last, fill them with metal kick plates, wire wool, caulk, or cement.

Clean the Home

A rodent problem happens when there are multiple places to hide. If you want to avoid using rat poison, you can eliminate the pests’ hiding places.

Move objects away from the walls and clean up any clutter that you see. Ensure that you clean up spills right away and keep food in closed containers.

Consider Rat Traps

When you see signs of a rat infestation, you’ll want to find the best possible prevention method. Because poisons and pesticides are dangerous, rat trapping is a great option.

If you plan to place your own rat traps, you should use as many as possible. Find high traffic areas for these rodents and place the traps there. You can bait the traps with bananas, seeds, peanut butter, or apples.

Hire a Pest Control Company

When you have a rodent problem, calling a pest control company is the smartest option. Eliminating a rodent infestation on your own might be difficult and time-consuming.

This is the best rat infestation solution because a professional company will identify entry points and seal up any holes for you.

If they can identify the root cause of the infestation problem, they will provide you with tips on how to prevent rats in the future.

Avoid Having a Rat-Infested House

No one wants to come home to a rat-infested house. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to eliminate the problem.

By following the advice in this guide, you’ll get rid of your rat infestation problem in no time. Your best chance of eliminating rodents in the home is by hiring a professional pest control company.

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