What Types of Locks Best Suits Your Door


Your family’s security means everything to you. One of the biggest ways you can keep them safe is by choosing the right types of locks for your home. There are different types of locks, and you want the right kinds for your doors.

If you have been to a hardware store to look for locks, you know the choices can seem overwhelming. But this is an investment that will pay huge dividends for your peace of mind. The right door locks for your house can mean the difference between a home invasion and a burglar who changes his mind. Keep reading to find out more.

Types of Locks

There are many different types of door locks available today. Often, the one you choose will depend on the type of door you have and the security you need. 

When it comes to the home, the regular knob lock is generally used. This is first-line protection, but it is not enough. A deadbolt is used to ensure more safety. 

When it comes to deadbolts, you can get a single-cylinder or double-cylinder. The single is controlled from one side with a key, but the double can be controlled on both sides of the door with a key. The easiest to use is the thumb-turn deadbolt that works by turning it with your thumb. 

There are door locks for commercial use as well. Smart locks are now a popular choice for some people. Some of these come with keyless entry by use of a remote or number code keypad.

Some door locks are in lever handles, but there are not as secure as deadbolts. 

Different Locks For Different Doors

Since there are different types of doors, there are different locks to choose from. Most of the time, you would not see a smart lock on an interior door. In most cases, that is not practical. 

For an exterior door, you want more security, which is why many people choose a double-cylinder lock that requires a key to open from both sides. We’ve all seen the movies where a burglar breaks the glass by the door and reaches in to turn the deadbolt knob with his thumb. A double-cylinder lock prevents this. 

For interior doors, a simple knob lock is often used. These get used more for privacy than security. They may keep your family member or guests from walking in when you’re in the shower, but they aren’t good for keeping a thief from breaking in the front door. 

The knob lock is safer for families who have young children, too. If they accidentally lock themselves in a room, these locks sometimes can be unlocked using a pinhole release. 

Think Like a Criminal

It may seem counterintuitive, but when deciding what kinds of door locks you want for your home, sometimes it’s good to think like a criminal. If you wanted to break into your home, how hard would it be?

Every time we come up with better security measures, it seems some criminals are all too ready to hack the system. Now they are even trying to use sound to figure out how to unlock your doors. 

It can be worthwhile to know what the criminal masterminds are up to and how they think. This is a good way to know how to outsmart them and do the opposite of what they expect.

How It Looks

Once you take care of the security factor, you want to achieve the right look for your door. There are many different styles of locks for doors. Some homes have a modest, simple look, and a simple-looking lock will fit best. 

If you have a home in a huge suburb with grandiose homes, your simple little lock may not look right. You don’t want to have an immaculate-looking door with an ugly lock. Your neighbors may not appreciate the look, either. 

Believe it or not, looks do matter when it comes to getting the right locks. You don’t have to get the old-fashioned, brass-colored locks anymore. They have different styles and colors available, so there is no reason not to go all out and get what looks the best. 

If you have an extra-large door, you want to get a lock that matches the look. Some homes have huge entryways, and a small lock won’t look right. Now you can get everything to match, including the trim.

The Right Lock for You

Getting the right locks for your doors can seem complicated. It is also a personal choice, and everyone is different. Is it an exterior door that would need to keep our an intruder? If so, you will need an extra layer of protection. 

What does your door look like? What color is it? This can help determine what your lock will look like. You don’t want a lock that clashes with the look of your door. 

Remember not to sweat the small stuff. At the end of the day, a lock that won’t get as much attention as the rest of the house. You want it to match your style, not your neighbor’s. 

Call a Professional

If you find yourself standing in the hardware store, staring down a bunch of locks, and feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. There are people who can help. 

Sometimes you need a professional to walk you through the process. No matter what types of locks you need, there are experts who know locks and will make finding the right ones a lot easier. Keep coming back for more great content!


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