Did you know that the government of the United States have regulations? Not only around the entities of the house or office building but also around all doors and enclosures, such as the main doors, escape or exit doors, and even the garage doors and commercial gates of industrial properties. This information can be found on their Federal Register website here.

There are many types of specific industries that require a commercial gate on their premises, especially ones that have a higher security protocol than others. This can include anything from a high-rise apartment block, manufacturing facilities, bottling companies, prisons, government facilities, commercial real estate, healthcare facilities, care facilities and many others.

These places all have security gate to keep things according to the government regulations, be it electrical or manual, and they offer the same solution, protection, safety, and security. There are 3 common types of security gates within the commercial setting and these include the Swing gates, Bi-folding, and the Sliding or Rolling options. Let’s look at them briefly.

Bi-folding Commercial Gates. These are also known as “speeding gates” because they are very quick and can open and close faster than most. When a building such as an industrial park has high traffic areas, where cars come in and out of the premises regularly, this is the best type of enclosure to have. These can operate anywhere up to 50mph.

Swing Gates. The more traditional form of security enclosures is these swing gates, which are the manually operated types. These are multipurpose and can be used in many different types of properties and many business sites, schools and private spaces use them to date. They are manufactured in a way that they can open in both directions, from left to right, and vice versa. There are four main types of designs which can be found here: https://www.themanufacturer.com/articles/a-guide-to-the-different-types-of-automatic-gates/ and they can get up to 8 meters long which is suitable for large entrances and exits. For a cost-effective choice, these are perfect, and they are easy to install too.

Rolling or Sliding Gates. These are common in many locations as well. They can be opened by sliding them from left to right and they align with the fence they are installed to. This motion is achieved by the use of roller wheels underneath the gates, which are slotted inside of a v-groove ground track, and these roller wheels slide inside it keeping the gate in position and parallel to the fence.

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What Happens When These Gates Malfunction or Break

When any of these types of gates breaks, malfunctions, or falls off of its tracks, it can be a huge hassle to try and install them back yourself, due to the size, weight, and complexities of it’s moving parts. Plus, it is dangerous to try and lift it by yourself unless you have the right tools to do this.

When these things happen, it is very important to get it fixed immediately by calling expert services such as Top Quality Doors – commercial gate repair, for instance, they send their engineers out to the site to see what the issue is and either repair it there and then or take it back to their repair shop to get it fixed there. When not done immediately, and you are in a secure location, anyone can walk into the premises without any notice, putting the building and its people at risk.

If the damage is extensive, the repair engineers will find a temporary solution for the gate while they fix the main one, which could take a few days. These types of gates also need regular maintenance, for instance, some run on lubrication, and if this dries out it could get stuck and fall, making it a dangerous hazard. Others that have rollers, can break or dismantle as well.

As the saying goes, prevention is always a better option than cure, don’t put your employees and their cars at risk, by not getting these types of important equipment sorted out as soon as possible, otherwise, you may have a lawsuit on your hands. One should know when it’s time to call the repair services, and this would usually be in the early stage of the gate not working properly or seeing any inconsistencies in it.

Something small such as a crack in the metal frames can lead to much bigger damage in the long run especially due to constant wear and tear. It is always important to get things fixed as soon as you notice they look out of place.

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