Accent chairs are also referred to as occasional chairs, but whichever term you come up with for this piece of furniture, know that accent chairs can really make a room look appealing and even exceptional.

Unlike other furniture pieces which may need to complement each other, you can be more creative with your choice in accent chairs – you can opt for love seats, wingback chairs, armchairs, metal chairs, and a lot more, and you aren’t limited when it comes to patterns, fabrics, and designs, either.

You can buy accent chairs as standalone elements, or you can purchase a pair to place on either side of a bigger piece of furniture, such as a sofa. However you want to use it, it pays to know the kinds of accent chairs you can choose from as well – so here’s your best list.

  • A wingback chair

Wingback chairs have been popular for years, and there are plenty of good reasons for this. Not only are wingback chairs a classic and have that truly elegant look, but they are also quite comfortable and functional.

A wingback chair, as implied by its name, is a chair with broad ‘winged’ sides, and they usually have upholstery as well. If you want something both comfortable and sophisticated for your living space, a wingback chair is a good choice – but only if you have enough space.

Wingback chairs can complement a sofa, and they can also be a good complement to a mantelpiece or fireplace.

  • An armchair

An armchair is right up there when it comes to iconic chairs, and it’s easy to recognise an armchair and distinguish it from other kinds of chairs because of its comfy appeal.

The armchair is a pretty common sight in most homes, and it can range from classic and traditional to more modern and minimalist. You can choose the fabric, style, and size of the chair according to your home’s existing theme and décor, or you can go for something more eclectic and unique – the choice is up to you.

At the end of the day, however, it’s also about comfort, so when choosing one, make sure that it’s the best blend of comfort and style.

  • A tub chair

A tub chair is the kind of chair where you can curl up and read a book on a cold night, and it’s also a great chair if you like taking short naps.

A tub chair has a similar look to a club chair, and it can adapt well to most rooms in any home. Tub chairs are characterised by a low back coupled with deeply-padded seating and cushioning to provide additional comfort.

Based on the chair’s upholstery, you can opt for a more modern look or go for a more traditional, formal appearance.

  • A high-leg chair

High-leg chairs are known for their elegance and class, and they are ideal for smaller spaces because they are slim and slender.

The high back makes the chair quite comfortable to sit in for long periods, and with its curved legs, it can add sophistication to your living room, dining room, bedroom, or hallway. If you want something more streamlined and sleek, a high-leg chair is a brilliant choice.

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