5 Common Thermostat Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


An incredible 75% of Americans have an air conditioning unit in their home these days. However, that doesn’t mean everyone’s using them right…

From forgoing essential servicing to installing them in the wrong places, there’s a whole range of ways that people use and abuse their air conditioners. Alas, making these mistakes for too long can lead to expensive issues, such as rapid deterioration of parts, rising utility bills, and even the total breakdown of the unit.

Of all possible issues, though, few are more common than thermostat mistakes!

The control center of your A/C, these vital components monitor the temperature and control when the system turns on and off. Your thermostat settings have a direct impact on the temperature inside and the cost of your energy bills thereafter. The result?

It pays (literally) to avoid erroneous usage at all costs. Want to learn all about the most common mistakes people make so you can do exactly that? Read on for 5 pervasive errors people make with their thermostats.

1. Forgoing Thermostat Maintenance

Your A/C unit’s a bit like a motor vehicle in that it’s a mechanic device that contains many moving parts. The result? It’s prone to error unless you invest in its maintenance.

Just like you take your car for periodic services, air conditioning units require regular check-ups from qualified professionals. They need to be cleaned and inspected; weathered parts have to be replaced, and minor issues need resolving to prevent them from becoming bigger ones.

Unfortunately, many homeowners choose to forgo the costs of maintenance for thermostats and postpone these vital services. That’s bad news all around- including for your thermostat! Akin to ignoring the oil levels in your car’s engine, the whole system could suffer if the thermostat isn’t looked after.

Strive to keep the thermostat clean and free from debris. Oh, and try to update the app on your phone whenever you can (if your A/C has one). Any issues? Call a pro to take a look.

2. Over-Relying on the A/C

Another ubiquitous blunder when it comes to thermostats is setting the temperature too high/low. For example, you’d be amazed at how many people blast arctic air into their homes and then wear a sweater because they’re too cold! Likewise, many of us adjust the thermostat in winter to warm everything up inside instead of putting on another layer first.

Taking these measures is all well and good, but it’s also a sure-fire way to drive up your utility bills. You force the A/C to work harder, which uses far more energy in the process (especially on older units and those in need of servicing/repairs).

Prevent that eventuality by turning to your wardrobe first. Removing or adding layers is the best way to stay warm/cool enough without over-relying on the A/C.

3. Mistiming Your Usage

Air conditioning and HVAC units perform a key function in any home.

They help us regulate the temperature inside and ensure we stay comfortable- regardless of what’s happening outside.  However, a huge number of people continue to use these units even when they’re not at home! That’s a bit like turning on the oven with no food inside…or putting the washing machine on with no clothes in it.

Don’t get us wrong, though, we totally understand. After a long day of rushing around, it’s great to get back to a house that’s pre-warmed or cooled to perfection!

However, setting your thermostat to work while you’re away is a recipe for unnecessary expenditure. A better bet (from both a financial and environmental perspective) is to turn it off while you’re out and on again upon your return. You’ll have to wait a while for things to cool down, but you’ll save some money as a result.

4. Changing the Temperature Too Much

Have you ever had one of those days when you can’t work out if you’re too hot or too cold? One moment you’re warm, the next you feel like wrapping yourself up in a blanket. In your bid to find the right temperature, it’s often tempting to adjust the thermostat all the time…

Going forward, though, we suggest that you avoid taking this approach. Why?

Because setting room temperatures too much throughout the day will make the unit work too hard. Just as it’s settled into a rhythm you ask it to change and do something different! A/Cs are far more energy-efficient (and affordable) if you let them run at a set temperature for longer periods of time.

5. Forgetting to Change the Batteries

Have you ever lost your glasses, searched the entire house, and then found them on your head?

Well, failing to replace the batteries in your thermostat’s a bit like that. All too many people forget to change the batteries and then spend hours searching for a complex solution when their thermostat stops working. Don’t worry- it happens to the best of us!

Avoid making this particular mishap in the future by replacing the thermostat’s batteries at regular intervals. Failing that, always check the batteries as the first port of call if something goes wrong. Replacing them could solve the issue in an instant and save hours of confusion.

Replaced the batteries but the screen’s still blank? Turn to the internet and articles like this one at https://www.schneidermechanical.com/possible-reasons-for-a-blank-thermostat/ for help troubleshooting the problem.

Don’t Forget These Common Thermostat Mistakes

Every man and his dog has an A/C unit in America these days. They’re ubiquitous! And for good reason: these handy devices make the temperature inside the house manageable- no matter what’s happening outside.

Alas, all too many of us misuse our air conditioners and suffer costly consequences down the line. We hope this post will help you avoid that fate! If you can keep these thermostat mistakes in mind and implement the appropriate course of action, then your A/C’s sure to thank you for it.

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