Cotija Cheese Substitute

This hot sour and crumbly cheese is used in several Mexican foods to increase tasty dishes. Try it on tacos, enchiladas, tostadas and sauces

And then you are likely to adore the most Mexican cotija cheese if you enjoy a salty cheese! I use it all of the time plus it is among my favorites.

Running in your home from cotija cheese? It’s not necessary to rush into the grocery store, we’ve got quite a few of Cotija Cheese Substitute or options you may use.

What’s Cotija Cheese?

Cotija cheese is a Mexican, ironic grating cheese made from cow’s milk and also is comparable to Parmesan. At the U.S., you might locate a fresher, milder version, very similar to Feta, however in Mexico, that salty cheese is usually aged at least 100 days. Cotija is called after the town of Cotija, Michoacán.

Cotija Anejo

The old version is known as”Anejo.” This isn’t a cheese you’d enhance your cheeseboard, however you’d typically utilize it crumbled or grated on tacoslegumes, soups, or casseroles.

You may read more about Mexican cheese here within our Mexican cheese manual. Locate a substitute for cotija cheese under.

Cotija is a cheese that in taste and crumbly in texture. Named after the city of Cotija at the state of Michoacan, cotija cheese comes in two distinct forms — aged and fresh (or even añejo).

The version is tender while the variant is more difficult, very similar to Parmesan, though both kinds are salty.

Taste of Cotija Cheese

In comparison to feta and Parmesan, cotija includes a flavor. In addition, it has notes of pineapple and butter, based upon the period of creation. The sharper flavor results in the combo of milk and stone, gearing towards a more salty after taste.

Therefore, the aneho number includes a taste that is amazing, as said before, the cheese becomes tangier because it ages. This taste is what cooks desire because of their dishes since the cheese suits other components.

Greatest Cotija Cheese Substitute

There are choices to cotija cheese, however, these resemble the texture but in addition cotija’s notes and taste.

Alternatives to get cotija will be different based upon in the event that you’re currently replacing the cheese versus the edition that is outdated.


Romano, the salty cheese, stems out of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk. It’s a kind of cheese due to amazing flavor, and its creamy with notes. It’s named its town of origin, after Rome.

The main reason is due to texture and its flavor. Its taste comes in the process.


Another grating cheese assortment is Parmesan. Inspired by its pale look, the cheese has a very powerful taste. This cheese ages for a few decades, based upon the manufacturer.

It is expensive Even though Parmesan is a replacement for cotija. Parmesan cheese prices around $20 to get a bit that is little and $ 1,000 to get a wheel. The main reason behind the cost is the total quantity.

Mexican Queso Fresco

Queso fresco is a creamy and moist kind of cheese using a salty taste that is gently. It may make a fantastic replacement for cotija due to its notes. It also has the taste that is sharp, although the feel of the cheese feels drier in contrast cotija.

This sort of cheese is typical for skillet and fries. At the top of almost any dish, queso fresco is crumbled At Mexico, including a exceptional taste. The utilization of queso fresco is to get tacos and because of a cheese dip.


The very ideal substitute for cotija cheese would be feta. It’s a brine curd cheese derived from a combination of goat and cow milk. It’s obsolete, that the flavor is rich, sweet, and somewhat sour. The more obsolete the cheese isalso the peppery and hard it really is.

Feta has a feel. It is employed for beans, and is extremely beneficial since it’s an superb source of calcium. This cheese is known for meat recipes and sandwiches, ideal in Greece.

Ricotta Salata

Ricotta Salata is an Italian cheese made from sheep’s milk and aged for 90 days. White in colour, this cheese has a firm texture and sour flavor. An perfect tandem to wine, sandwiches, and pasta dishes, Ricotta cheese is equally nontoxic and milky.


Cheese elderly, anejo stems from goat milk that is skimmed. It is fabricated from cow’s milk because goat milk is much more expensive. Anejo includes a exterior. Although this cheese has a bit of kick, in addition, it tastes tangy and salty.

Cotija Cheese Variety

There’s a selection of cotija that’s finely ground. It’s known as cotija molido, obsolete and grated for sauces, pastas, also topping for sandwiches . Without having to cut back the cheese you require molido for foods.

Should You Require a Cotija Cheese Substitute:

A fantastic substitute is Feta cheese, that can be tender and salty. Trader Joe’s makes. Feta cheese is simple to locate in the regional grocery shop.
Another choice is to utilize Mexican queso fresco which works nicely and contains a more acidic taste.

For your Cotija Cheese Substitute:

Our initial alternative option is to utilize either Parmesan or even Romano cheese. The two fo these cheeses are salty and pungent, and the two can be found in Walmart stores, Trader Joes, or even the regional grocery store.

Chef Zarella Martinez says she favors to substitute cotija using Ricotta Salata cheese. Do not confuse that with supermarket ricotta cheese, that can be different.

Ricotta Salata is much less salty than cotija, so you might have to correct the salt everywhere to adding salt to your dish, if you are counting on it. This cheese is somewhat much significantly challenging to locate than Romano or Parmesan.


Cotija cheese does not melt, so it is frequently utilised in Mexican cooking since much of a”completing” cheese to boost the taste of dishes such as legumes, tacos, enchiladas and tostadas.

Here are some recipes

  • Easy Refried Beans
  • Chicken Tinga Tacos
  • Mexican Street Corn
  • Migas Recipe

Due to it’s prevalence, cotija cheese are seen in several large grocery chains and bigger hispanic specialization grocers here from the U.S.

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