Dealing With The Stress Of Your First DWI


If you’ve recently received your first DWI, you will probably know that this is a very stressful time.  In addition to possibly losing your license, you will also need to handle the way getting this serious criminal charge may impact other parts of your life.

Here are some tips for dealing with the stress of a first DWI charge.

TIP 1: Hire A Lawyer

Hiring a DWI lawyer is the first step to properly handling a DWI and eliminating the stress associated with it.  In hiring a DWI lawyer, you will truly be represented in a way that could help your case get dismissed or at least reduced. 

Search for local lawyers and law firms experienced in handling DWI charges. You can also read this article on ways to improve your situation before DWI court to gain some knowledge on what to expect.

TIP 2: Know What To Expect

Knowing what to expect is another way to reduce stress associated with a DWI.  Talk to friends who have been through it and prepare yourself mentally for everything that might happen.

Preparing mentally in advance is important to prevent any traumatic feelings that may occur if and when you lose your license.  Knowing what to expect is an excellent way to prepare and make your experience more pleasant and predictable.

TIP 3: Exercise

Exercise might sound silly, but it’s a great way to destress naturally.  Exercise will help you cope with your situation and deal with the unpleasant feelings that come up in a way that’s healthy and productive.

In addition, exercise boosts feel good hormones within your body.  This will give you more tolerance to the negativity of a DWI and improve your overall state of mind.

TIP 4: Practice meditation

Practicing meditation or other alternative practices can help you feel better in the wake of a DWI.  Meditation can be done alone or in a guided, group setting.  Whatever you choose, we know that practicing meditation will help you relax tremendously.  Find meditation services near you or find an alternative practice that will help with your healing to get the most benefit and overcome stress.

TIP 5: Get Spiritual

Now is the time to reflect within yourself and perhaps get spiritual.  You may want to ask yourself why you are getting a DWI and work on improving your overall situation in life.

By getting spiritual, you can choose to do whatever is spiritual to you.  Whether that means going to a church and praying or having a spiritual reading with a clairvoyant it really doesn’t matter.  Spirituality is personal to you and should reflect your beliefs and no one else.


Dealing with the stress of getting a DWI can be overwhelming.  In addition, if not taken seriously it can lead you to fall into negative and counterproductive behaviors. 

However, if you follow this brief guide and choose a few of these tips to reduce stress we truly think it will help you immensely.  Take care of yourself and choose to improve upon your situation for the long term for best results.

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