The Best Time of Year to Sell a House: A Basic Guide


If you’re asking yourself about the best time of year to sell a house in the United States, the short answer is during May and June. The long answer — it depends.

While in many places the highest premiums are found during the summer months, in places like Florida and Arizona, winter tends to be the best season for selling. The type of property you’re selling is a factor, as is the condition of your house when you list it.

Keeping reading to dig a little deeper into the statistics and assess the best time of year to sell your property. It’s true that a great house sells itself, but there are definite benefits to timing when to list it, depending on your location and the interest in the market.

Timing Matters When It Comes to Seller Premiums

According to ATTOM Data Solutions, summer is the best time of year to sell a house. Those who sell their house during the summer months, in particular May and June, typically get the highest premiums. 19 of the 20 best days to sell your house are in May and June alone.

In these two months, seller premiums are highest. The medium sales price for houses that are sold in May is 7.4% higher than the average market value. For June, the figure is 9.2% higher. With children going back to school in a few months, many buyers are keen to settle into their new house and area before the new term begins.

October and December Sales Result in the Lowest Seller Premiums

When looked at nationally, these two winter months are the worst times of the year to sell your house. They typically result in the lowest seller premiums (3.3% for both October and December). Likewise, January and February are ‘colder’ months for selling your home, certainly when compared to the months between April and August.

While premiums are lower in the winter months generally and buyers are scarcer, but those who are actively looking to buy are highly motivated. Less competition helps if you do decide to sell in the wintertime. Decorating your home festively is a great way to make your property look more appealing, while the snow can cover up anything unsightly outside.

Check out this great article for more information on selling your own home without an estate agent. Selling your own home, whatever the time of year, is a great way to increase your take-home pay. Agents’ fees can be extremely high and can offset the great price you thought you sold your house for.

Best Time of Year to Sell a House: Right Now

While it can pay to wait for the summer months to sell your house, this really depends on the kind of property and the location. By properly preparing your home and marketing it wisely, you can find interested buyers willing to pay attractive prices throughout the year. Don’t waste time waiting for the right moment; the best time of year to sell a house is now.

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