Important wedding anniversary milestones now receive official recognition by a number of governments and heads of state. This shows the respect for long lasting marriages that still exists to this day, and allows the celebratory couple to enjoy their moment in the limelight. The monarch on the throne at the time of a person’s 60th, 65th and 70th wedding anniversary can issue a private message to the couple wishing them a happy centenary.

Traditional dances, music, games and sports offered the society interesting sources of entertainment and joy as spectators gathered around the player and dancers admiring them. It put moral restraints on girls and helped them to maintain their charity till marriage as sexual relationship before fattening was a taboo. Also, it prepared the fattened for motherhood, mid-wifery and home management.

Coffee has been an essential part of our day’s start and remains popular at all times with all age groups. Different coffee houses and bistros around the block are meeting points and a place to share the latest gossip with your friends. Blooming tea, coffee and other drinks have become a part of everyone’s lives and nobody is new to them.

In Northern Europe, coffee is served at parties with homemade cakes, pastries and cookies. Coffee in Turkey becomes slightly different when the beans are boiled approximately three times and then placed in a long handle brass pot. The French usually drink coffee at the start of the day, and to Germans, it is a drink for social gatherings.

Culture is an energy field that determines how people think, act, and view the world around them. Every time people come together with a shared purpose, culture is created. Culture is powerful and invisible and its effects are far reaching. It is more difficult to change corporate culture once it has emerged than to proactively create the corporate culture they want from the start. For more information greeting us.

Corporate culture determines a company’s dress code, work environment, work hours, rules for getting ahead and getting promoted, how the business world is viewed, what is valued, and much more. Marketing department and engineering department may have very different corporate cultures which are both influenced by the overall organizational corporate culture. Many times these two sub-cultures clash.

The cultural study of the West and the East by Said in his “Orientalism” exhibits the multifarious application and observation of ‘cultural strength’. A nation may assert its culture without dominating other nations or it may hold the path demeaning or caricaturing other nations. And the latter happens in case of the Westerners who are always concerned for their authority over the Easterners for their own identity.

The Westerners have a strong interference of their culture when they try to define as well as identify orient being apart from the orient. The West observes oriental cultures, though inappropriately, and concludes them to be mean and bigotrious cultures as their imaginary view of the orientals is: “The oriental is irrational, depraved(fallen), childlike, ‘different’; thus the European is rational, virtuous, mature, and ‘normal’.”

Orieantalism is better grasped as a set of constraints upon and limitations of thought than it is simply as a positive doctrine. this is orientalism that in this way ensures the authoritative practice of ‘cultural strength’ of occident over orient. The culture of the occident shows its strength through its imposition upon the strangers or the East.

The strength of the culture of the West is its belief that they are the most sound in this world culturally and this may be their false ideology to avoid the fear of losing authority or power. Their culture endows them with the ‘white man’s burden’ which they relieve by schooling, punishing, rectifying, and finally civilizing the orient. This pervasive as well as mighty invasion of the ‘cultural strength’ upon the East is subtly illustrated in Said’s comment.

Western culture of their cursory and rough study of others through travel books and other similar sources lets them assume the oriental as ‘fierce lion’ where eventually the fierness is highlighted rather than the lion and thus there is “no longer lions but their fierceness-“. And even Arthur James Balfour, an emissary for the Europeans, arbitrarily though absurdly claims occident’s command over orient as he says, “We know Egypt better than we know any other country”.

Continuous flow solution is a lot easier to mechanize when compared to static culture since it can be done easily in a big reservoir that feeds potentially numerous plants. In this technique the nutrient liquid provided for the plants constantly flows around the roots. The correct canal slope along with the correct stream speed and the correct canal length can designate a proper nutrient film technique.

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