You’ve got a problem. There’s a small raccoon that’s using your garbage can as its own personal lunch box. It happens. 

The little guy is hungry and smells a food source. You can hardly blame him. All animals try to find warm shelter and a free meal when they can. 

The problem is that your house guest is scattering garbage everywhere. Unless you want to attract additional pests, you’re going to have to take care of it. 

We suggest that you choose animal control companies to suit your needs. The right business will be able to send the raccoon packing in the most humane way possible. Keep reading to learn more. 

Get a Written Price Quote

The first step in hiring an animal control company is to have them come do an inspection. They’ll take a look at your situation and give you a written price quote based on what they see. 

Before you sign any contract, it’s important that you read over the cost estimate in great detail. There should be no ambiguity about what you’re being charged for. Always ask about hidden fees, so you don’t run into any surprises later. 

Get Referrals 

When you find yourself at a complete loss in regards to what company to hire, don’t underestimate the power of a referral. Your local animal control agency can point you in the right direction. 

They have a list of licensed companies who can remove the pest from your property in the most humane manner possible. If you’re not sure about a suggested business, you can always look up online customer reviews. Nobody can give you insight into how a company works quite like a previous client. 

Talk About Humane Methods

You want to get rid of the pest that’s tormenting your yard. That doesn’t mean you want it dead. You should negotiate the safe removal of the creature. 

The end goal should be for the animal control company to release it back into the wild. Not to bring it harm. 

Make Sure the Company Is Certified and Experienced 

There’s a reason why you let a professional catch a ground mole instead of doing it yourself. They’re certified to do it in the safest way possible, or rather, they should be. 

You might be able to get good service out of a company that doesn’t have much experience under its belt, but it’s better to hire someone that’s been in business for at least a few years. This makes it more likely that they’ve handled a situation like yours before and know how to tackle it. 

How to Choose Animal Control Companies That Are Right for Your Needs

Are you dealing with a fuzzy creature that’s overstayed its welcome? You’ll want to choose animal control companies to take care of it. 

They’ll know how to remove the creature from your yard in the most humane way possible and ensure that it won’t be back. We hope that you’re able to use this guide to choose the right company for the job. For more advice that will keep pests away, check out the Gardening Tips section of our blog. 

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