Terrazzo kitchen worktops have been around for a long time; however, they are relatively new in terms of latest designs and practicality. If you wish to make a terrazzo worktop a part of your home, you can explore some trendy designs in 2020.

Description: terazzo

Terrazzo worktops were initially developed to recycle the material of stonemasons. These worktops mostly include recycled glass with resin or cement as a binder, as well as marble flecks. Due to the use of recycled materials, this material is considered sustainable and forms a unique speckled mosaic effect.

The terrazzo worktops look beautiful and resemble marble with unique glass patterns. The composite nature of these worktops also makes them highly durable and hard-wearing. It further makes them ideal for busy kitchen spaces. Since the base of this material is poured, the result is a smooth, sleek/finished surface that’s hard to stain and easy to clean.

Why Choose Terrazzo Worktops?

If you’re wondering why to choose terrazzo worktops for your home, you need to know the following qualities of innovative terrazzo worktop London:

  • Add freshness to an interior: If you install white terrazzo worktopin your kitchen as countertop or cabinets, it’s likely to make the given space feel light and airy. Such light coloured worktops are ideal for small kitchens to make the room appear more spacious and lively at the same time.
  • Make any interior lively with contrasting hues: Combining bespoke terrazzo kitchen worktop with vibrant hues like pale blue with subtle grey terrazzo will give a unique and timeless feel to the given space. Such contrasting shades make any dull space appear bold and lively.
  • Put a glamorous twist: With terrazzo worktops, you can put a glamorous twist to any classic kitchen with wooden cabinets and subtle walls and flooring. You may consider installing shimmering Copper Fleck worktop to add a stylish and luxurious touch to any contemporary interior.
  • Make a statement: As a sustainable material, the terrazzo worktop price is quite affordable. But that doesn’t mean it appears cheap either. This striking worktop material is enough to add a daring, bold statement to any kitchen with deep hues of Newbury Midnight or any other terrazzo design.

Which terrazzo worktops to choose in 2020?

When it comes to choosing the latest and trendiest terrazzo worktop for your kitchen, you may pick one out of these fashionable shades:

  • Compac Venecia: This terrazzo worktop is quartz-based and pre-casted to create a non-porous surface. This white worktop is available in 20 mm terrazzo worktop and 30 mm terrazzo worktop thicknesses. Measuring 3050 x 1440 mm, this worktop slab is likely to liven up any given space without any visible seams.
  • Quartzforms Lavic Navajo: Lavic Navajo also comes in standard thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm with a stunning polished finish. The worktop dimensions are 3050 x 1400 mm, allowing you to create authentic bespoke panels and designs.
  • Neolith Retrostone: This sintered worktop stone is made out of glass, marble, granite and porcelain. It boasts a warm-toned base to bring a natural, earthy feel to any interior. It is also a cost-effective slab for the worktop and kitchen islands, as it comes in a single sheet.
  • Techinstone Taurus Terrazzo White: It boasts many black speckles scattered on the off-site backdrop that brings a vintage feel to any interior. You can spruce it up further in an either matte or polished finish, depending on the theme of your living space.
  • Stone Italiana Terrazzo Grey: Terrazzo Grey is made by recycling the grits of quartz and ceramic, along with fragments of raw materials. The resulting slab forms a large non-porous surface that’s suitable for all kitchen spaces. This worktop also comes in standard thicknesses of 20 mm and 30 mm, making it a reliable and versatile product for modern homes.

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